Friday, August 2, 2013

Rough day

Yesterday (Thursday) was a rough emotional day for me...maybe the reality of moving here set in once our air shipment arrived with 99.9% of Harrison's toys and some of our clothes. My personality is organized and EVERYTHING has its place. I prepped myself for the shipment of boxes and how crazy our living room area will be until we move into our duplex flat next month.

I knew how excited Harrison would be to have his toys. As soon as we walked into the hotel room and he played with a couple toys he started to ask "where is my flatbed truck with the green jeep!!" I was sure it was in one of the boxes so the digging begun...only to discover they are on the sea shipment...which will arrive next month. Harrison seemed to understand and moved onto something else but my heart was aching for his beloved toy that he asked for daily leading up to his 3rd birthday. 

A good cry when Bill got home from work followed by hugs was a great help. Of course taking deep breathes always helps. 

This morning I woke up, ordered room service (Harrison REALLY wanted to stay in for breakfast and play with his toys AND the room service menu had BACON- his favorite!) of a cheese omelet, read the newspaper and online news before exercising to Jillian Michaels 20 minute workout dvd, taking a cold (unexpected and hoping for the water to get hot) shower, then applying a little bit of makeup! I feel refreshed and beautiful. 

Lastly I have been looking forward to this afternoon tea fundraiser for a baby orphan girl. Below is the invite with details...
"Please allow me to introduce Gayatri, she was discovered in am emergency room at 6 months weighing only 3.3 kg with staph infection and then pneumonia. After a full blood test, it was revealed that she has immunodeficiency and continues to get sick due to very low immunity and her medical bills are over 80k now. We are hosting a tea party to collect money for her medical bills." 

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