Saturday, October 28, 2017

Fall carnival at Whittier = Momma's heart full

The day before the carnival Harrison decided he did want to attend this year. We are not a crowd loving family so the plan was to get there by 6pm (that 's when the games start) and stay for one hour. I was nervous about going as I have not been involved/present at school this year (or last) because Harrison has been taking the bus. I decided in order to help my anxiety of crowds/feeling awkward I would look for people I was great...and easy to do! Having familiar faces around is aways great at putting myself at ease. 
Need I say more....these two fill my heart with so much love! 
Miss Anya and Harrison...these two have been best friends since kindergarten. Speaking of friends, as we walked down the hallways and into the gym, I heard many small voices say "hi Harrison!!!" To say my heart was full of love is an understatement. I was simply in awe with a huge smile plastered on my face. God you are SO good!
We ended our night with a group picture of wildcats and hopefully future wildcats. Right now we are in the mist of re-zoneing and Lewis is not grandfathered (guaranteed) a spot in 2021...leaving us with Harrison as a 5th grader at Whittier and Lewis a kindergartner at Loyal Heights. Praying for grandfathering siblings. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Momma needed a change...

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

It's hard being Mommy sometimes...

It's been a rough start of the school year emotionally for this momma...Harrison has commented that he feels lonely at school (one bus buddy moved to Everett and the other switched schools). So he is solo on the bus. He said he often walks around the play ground alone in the mornings. I asked if other kids from another bus are unloading at the same time and maybe he could play with them. He also mentioned “I know I have red hair and I’m different”. Harrison attends karate after school on Monday and Wednesday (WKA picks him up from school and then I get him from karate after his class). Harrison mentioned that no one wants to be his friend (I think at karate). I paused, choked back tears and said he was funny and had the best imagination I have ever seen and the other kids are missing out! 

Maybe this is first month/getting used to life as a second grader...regardless I’m so Blessed that he is telling me and opening up!

It’s hard to be a mommy sometimes! Yesterday I cried big tears because of Lewis still being sick and how much I hate when either are in pain...Harrison rubbed my back and said it’s going to be okay and then made me a picture.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

I hate diaper rashes!

It has been a very emotional day! The doctor thought lewis’ butt rash wasn’t too bad and it wasn’t bleeding at the office. She said the flu is going around and he got the diarrhoea side of it. God Bless him! After preschool we went to Fred Meyer for ham (he wanted ham for lunch), looked at the toys (bought 2 mini Cars surprise packs), filled up on cream, wipes, clothe diaper supplies (those will be taken back...). After a screaming/crying diaper change at FM we went back to the toy section (flip racer car was bought) and different cream because the above cream lead Lewis to the worst scream/cry :-(

We were late getting Harrison from school so we were late to the doctors office...Lewis dropped his 20oz bottle of Sprite on the office floor....momma tears poured out. I hate seeing Harrison or Lewis in pain. Oh and I haven’t eaten since breakfast!, salad and gelato has been ordered...while the boys sleep Bill and I will eat and continue watching Homeland!

Praying for healing