Friday, April 22, 2022

Garage update

Sliding is coming along 

HVAC will be installed this coming week

Electricity and Ethernet 

Yay for progress!


Hot air balloon


LOVE Lewis’s pride in mastering his hot air balloon skills. He started in the morning and was able to finish before bedtime.

Friday, April 15, 2022

Last day in Boston

Old North Church as we continued on our Freedom Trail 

As Bill and I finished our coffee before exploring Pul Reveres House, Harrison and Lewis made up a story

Lewis was on the hunt for a weeping angel from Dr. Who…this statue will have to do. 


Thursday, April 14, 2022

Day 3

Freedom Trail started after letting Lewis sleep in and a quick lunch at Burger King

The Latin School courtyard donkey and “stand in opposition.”

After a coffee break we continued on our walk

Old State House was my favorite spot so far…

So much history and hands on learning…it is always fun to see Harrison and Lewis immersed in learning.


Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Day 2

We made it to Salam for the Salam Witch Museum…it was raining and we spaced out on taking any pictures of the area but we did find a gem…Harrison’s Comic 

On the train back to Boston for the New England Aquarium  

Lewis was incredibly excited to see the penguins…yes we have penguins in Seattle. This aquarium is amazing. 

Oh these two and their very different smile approaches!

Bless his heart on the subway snoozing 

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Boston bound until Friday

After a quick check into our Airbnb we went to Shake Shack for lunch, why not combine a chocolate shake with Fanta!
Every chance Lewis gets he wants to climb and use his parkour moves. Harrison was too daring for this momma by getting way too close to the water

Squirrels! Lewis found them fascinating while we walked through Boston Pubic Garden

Both were intrigued by getting so close to a squirrel. I am sure we will continue to see more this week. 

Must admit today was a long day. Flying after 2.5 years was tiring for Harrison and Lewis. We walked near MIT and Lewis was worn out…Momma was too and patience was thin. Thankfully We took the subway back. Maybe tomorrow we will use the subway to explore MIT. 

The creative use of art…a slide!


Tuesday, April 5, 2022


Lewis on the move at his birthday party Sunday afternoon with…

Ryan on the move and…

Miles on the move! It was so fun to watch these three boys play hard together!

Lewis has been asking for Space Lego sets and he was one happy boy this morning.

I love our family pictures…especially the caught off guard ones!

Lewis was excited to have his hanging by a root tooth come out today. He pulled one of the roots off with his water bottle in school and it hurt! Mr. B checked on him after he went to the calm down corner in his class…the office offered to put a bandage on it, hehe. He was given tissue for his pocket in case it bled. I love picking Lewis up from school everyday. 

Oh Lewis and his silly tongue…this was last night before bed. He helped me set up and commented, “this is why you stay up after I go to bed.” Presents on the table is never done before he is fast asleep. 

We will forever love you Lewis, no matter what.

Friday, April 1, 2022

Fancy Lewis

Last Wednesday was favorite book or movie character day and Lewis is Sheriff Finway from the visit movie he made with Harrison

Look close to see his hanging by a root front tooth…Bless his heart. It has been so fun to have him dress up with his bow ties, sports coat, and dress shoes that feel like clouds. 


Garage update


Upstairs in the cottage

Looking down from the top of the stairs 

This is the entrance into the garage…siding coming soon.

Entrance from the alley, up the stairs to the cottage and loft

The future home of Bill’s 66 Mustang convertible and workshop area