Sunday, July 19, 2009

The BIG Plane Pull

Plane 1

Plane 2

Get ready....set....PULL!

Almost there!

Great team! J-J-J-Jenny and the Jets pulled both planes 75 feet in 35.38 seconds. It was a great day! Thank you so much for everyone who supported Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound and our team!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ice Craves

Bill and I went camping at Gold Basin, about an hour from Seattle last weekend with our church. We arrived on Friday night in time to set up our tent and meet some new folks. On Saturday morning we went with our friends Jane, Barbara, and Kevin on a hike to the ice craves. It was a very warm and sunny day. Once we reached the ice craves we were in awe to see so much ice and a cool breeze. It was so awesome. Bill, Kevin and Barbara ventured to farther areas to get closer to one of the ice craves. On our way back to the car we saw a really cool carving in a tree trunk. Once we were back at the campsite we had dinner and met some more new friends. Then we heard thunder so Bill and I packed our campsite as quick as we could. Our tent does NOT do well in the rain-lesson learned while camping in Virginia three years ago! I think our next purchase will call for a better tent. It was a great weekend!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Little Si

Bill and I decided to take advantage of the great weather and hikes around the Seattle area. So we bought a book on hikes and chose to do an easy one on Friday in North Bend WA about thirty miles from Seattle. This hike was NOT easy, lol. It was steep, rocky and we did not take enough water. I am glad I did not give up and made it to the top! I have learned that I am not in as good of shape as I thought and will need to work on my cardio! But 4.8 miles later I was proud of myself!

4th year wedding anniversary!

Every year I try on my wedding dress and take a picture. It is so much fun and heck why not, its yours to keep! An older couple from my church in Terre Haute do this every year and they have inspired me to put mine on. I figure as long as I get it on before the end of the month then I am good to go. Bill and I celebrated our June 4th wedding anniversary on his birthday, June 13th since his parents were in town during the actual date. We went to a lovely french restaurant in Ballard. Time goes but very quickly and we have had many adventures in the past four years. I encourage you greatly to try yours on each year too.