Monday, March 21, 2022

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Family of four


I do not take enough pictures of our family of four. Usually I am the one taking the pictures…this past weekend as the boys finished playing outside I was able to snap one. I have few pictures without Lewis sticking his tongue out and it always makes me laugh. Love these two boys and our family.  

Why Imagine Dragons

I have known about Imagine Dragons for since their first album in 2012 and have always enjoyed listening to their music on the radio here and there. 

A year ago (give or take) a dear friend told me she was radio-active and needing to isolate herself from her family for 24 hours. I immediately thought of Radioactive and away I went into a deep dive into their music. As soon as I saw they were touring and would be in Seattle I was ready! It was an amazing show last night and next time I want to be closer. I admire (and wish I had recorded) Dan Reynold’s uplifting words.