Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Ski lessons

Harrison had his first lesson of the season yesterday. He continues to build confidence and skills. Also last night we learned that he is now 5 feet tall! I am sure he will pass my 5ft 6in soon. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Tuesday feels like a Monday

Getting Lewis back on track with school today after the three day weekend. Holding hands with Lewis as we walk up to school is always a highlight to my morning.

Quick latte before an appointment this morning 

Harrison is off today because it’s prospective day at Billings. While Bill is working and I am away Harrison will always find the house phone (aka the really old iphone to FaceTime me) to ask if he can have his ipad. Never fails as wants permission before having any electronics…one of many things I love about this kiddo!

Snow snow and more snow in Leavenworth

This family of ours is intense, full of imagination, overflowing with laughter and love among the road of bumps, curves, and potholes. 

Lewis attempted to wear my coat when his coat sleeves were wet, it didn’t last long until he put his coat back on.

This Christmas Lewis really wanted jailbreak Roblox figures. Ah a great break away from the iPad…

Harrison and Lewis playing together and using their amazing imaginations.

Beautiful fireworks last night before dinner. 

So good to be home and looking forward to next years adventures to Leavenworth. 


Monday, January 17, 2022

Leavenworth bound

A broken sled can’t stop us!
Good thing we also brought our two blue sleds
On a mission to hunt for bulls 

Monday, January 10, 2022

Lewis learning to code

Grandma and Grandpa got Lewis a subscription to Bitsbox, a kids coding project. It has been fun listening to him laugh as he makes new projects and of course showing us each time he completes a project. 


Space Invaders and Purrable

Last night we played Space Invaders board game so at church Lewis and Purrable played their own version. 


Meet Purrable

Meet Lewis’s new stuffy Purrable. He arrived last night and he went to church today as well as out to lunch. Lewis is drawing pictures in his homemade book. Purrable to a calming stuffy to help with kids of all ages find calm. Tiny, tiny, tiny steps. 

For more info check out https://www.purrble.com/

Saturday, January 8, 2022

40 in Hawaii

This was the weather report 80-90% of the time in Honolulu...next time we will not go during the raining season. 

Ahh a burst of sunshine 

This is me...40 years old and a lot more weight on my body then I'd like. HOWEVER I am stronger physically, mentally and spiritually then I have ever been. Working toward giving myself more grace and doing activities I love.

My twin, John, has always been the funnier one and this is no exception as we decided to stick balloons under our shirts for whatever reason...it was a great laugh before dinner. My sister in law, Sam, had a surprise decoration of Snoopy and Eeyore in their room...It was an incredibly sweet and wonderful way to celebrate the start of 40! 

God is good...all the time 


Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Pearl Harbor yesterday, Diamond Head today

Pearl Harbor


Loving our birthday celebration trip JB!

USS Missouri … more amazing then I could have imagined 

We will definitely have to bring Harrison and Lewis to Pearl Harbor


Sunday, January 2, 2022

Hawaii bound

Look sunshine this morning…for a few minutes 

Love my love 

Twins together!


Amazing shaved ice 

Really great coffee…worth the hour wait…but it was raining so what else are ya going to do! 


DEFY Seattle

While Mommy and Daddy are away…boys will play hard!

Love Harrison’s focus and confidence 

Easy and steady Lewis

Overflowing brotherly love 


Kennedy and Grant

I am incredibly thankful for Kennedy and Grant being able to come to Seattle this week. It was fun to go up the Space Needle, wonder around MoPop, explore Pike Place Market and watch them playing with H and L. While Bill and I are in Hawaii to celebrate my (and twin brother, John) 40th birthday on January 4th…Kennedy and Grant continue to love on the boys.