Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Ready for hosting cookouts and gatherings!

This past week Pacific Landscapes has blown us away with transforming our yard! Loving our new walkway! 
Keep a lookout this summer for what will be taking over this gravel slab...
Harrison has been loving the new grass patch! 

Karate tournament

Harrison and his best friend, William, had their first karate tournament this past Saturday. Way to go boys on getting out there and giving it your all!  

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Nana and Deb are here!

Lewis napped in the car while we took a trip to Kerry Park  
I am not sure when this boy of mine is going to be too heavy to carry but I am soaking it in right now!
Love these two and their Nana
Battle time!

Proud boy of his hard work on the latest Lego set
Lunch and dinner theatre. Harrison was the explorer and town bad guy...
Lewis was the pirate and killed the bad guy with his sword!

This past Thursday-Monday Nana and her friend Deb came to visit for a long weekend. (Sadly I could not get the photo I have to download onto the blog, ugh!) We had a lot of fun showing Deb Kerry Park and the beauty of Seattle. Saturday morning-Sunday evening they were on kid duty while Bill and I attended a workshop downtown. The Gottman Institute, a research based approach to relationships, www.gottman.com was AMAZING! The presentations were incredibly powerful and spending time solo with my love is pretty priceless. Thank you so much Nana and Deb! We love and miss you both a WHOLE lot!

God is so good!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Sara’s emotions...

It’s been a rough couple weeks and I am finding it difficult to shake off my emotions. Here’s to getting my emotions out and releasing them into the world! Here’s the randomness in my heart:

Lewis turning 3 = a lot more whining, crying, screaming, frustration and this momma hasn’t been very patient...at all.

Why am I so moody and have these crazy mood swings?!??  Can I blame it on too much coffee? Too many sweets? Too much gluten?  Getting up at 5am to have quiet time before the boys wake up and support Bill (and him supporting me) in exercising? My knee causing pain and being back in physical therapy twice a week? I was in such pain and frustration on Wednesday that I actually shed tears to Dr. Bart at Kinetics...thankfully he comforted me with letting me know that knee injuries take longer to heal because we are constantly using our knees. It really helped me in feeling assured that it won’t heal over night and slow and steady.

The high volumes of spirited boys is HARD. Trying to remember it’s one step forward and two steps back. Trying to get Harrison to open up to his emotions is tough. I assure him that mommy and daddy are here whenever he is ready to talk. I am working on changing “why” questions with “how.”

It’s truly amazing how much love, tenderness, and spirit our boys can have.

The act of asking for help from God and looking up into the sky and lifting up my struggles is hard. I am constantly thanking God and praying for others however praying for me (I can do this on my own/I want to be in control) is hard.

Trying to stop and breathe in God while exhaling anxiety...

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Super excited boys to have a Lego case for their (mostly Harrison’s) Lego sets for display...Lewis gets the bottom one!

built by Daddy while on his long “lose it or use it” vacation! It was awesome having Bill around (and being very handy last week!)

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