Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Nana and Deb are here!

Lewis napped in the car while we took a trip to Kerry Park  
I am not sure when this boy of mine is going to be too heavy to carry but I am soaking it in right now!
Love these two and their Nana
Battle time!

Proud boy of his hard work on the latest Lego set
Lunch and dinner theatre. Harrison was the explorer and town bad guy...
Lewis was the pirate and killed the bad guy with his sword!

This past Thursday-Monday Nana and her friend Deb came to visit for a long weekend. (Sadly I could not get the photo I have to download onto the blog, ugh!) We had a lot of fun showing Deb Kerry Park and the beauty of Seattle. Saturday morning-Sunday evening they were on kid duty while Bill and I attended a workshop downtown. The Gottman Institute, a research based approach to relationships, was AMAZING! The presentations were incredibly powerful and spending time solo with my love is pretty priceless. Thank you so much Nana and Deb! We love and miss you both a WHOLE lot!

God is so good!

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