Friday, November 28, 2014


While attending the ABC silent auction and dinner several weeks ago I bought lots of raffle tickets= two different massages and a two free night stay at Hyatt Place in Dubai. We weren't sure when we could go before I was in the no fly zone time period. Our friend, Michael from Seattle, wasn't able to come visit us over Thanksgiving but Bill still had vacation time so we decided to cease the opportunity to take a mini vacation! 

Monday- Burj Khalifa, we soared up 125 floors in 60 seconds! The view was amazing! Afterwards we spent the day at The Dubai Mall...
Aquarium and Underwater Zoo (lots of sting rays, shark, crabs, and fish). Not to mention it had the largest viewing panel on earth! 
Dubai fountain at night (sprays of water over 150 meters in the air set to music- breathtaking!)  
Shopping also took place but mostly fun activities and new Legos! 

No trip is complete without a new stuffed animal  

After breakfast we explored the Dubai Museum, local shops and tea at a local tea house. Bill was a trooper to get in the cold pool water with Harrison, I thanked him for taking this one for the team! We debated about going to a Dolphin show or back to the mall for Harrison to explore and play at Kidzania. After reading both places reviews, Kidzania won and it was amazing! Harrison was able to train as a firefighter (included putting out a pretend building fire), construction worker, dentist, pilot, doctor, electrician, courier and newspaper deliverer. 
Check out the website at, it was an amazing four hours! 

Fireman was by far his favorite! 
After four hours of Kidzania we had a very tired boy on our hands! What a wonderful vacation!

Happy Thanksgiving from India...

A wonderful Thanksgiving with our Hyderabad family! So very Blessed and give thanks to God for these amazing families. God is so good!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Friday, November 21, 2014

See you on Facebook Dawkins

Four days after we arrived in Hyderabad our family went to our first Westin breakfast. It was a bit overwhelming to meet so many new families but I was at ease quickly with the warm words of welcome. The Dawkins family also attended for the first time (though they had been living in Hyderabad for over 1.5 years) and a beautiful friendship grew. I thank God for Laura and her family. One playdate led to every (well almost) Monday playdates, board game and dinner nights, and most importantly an amazing strong relationship. Thank you, thank you, thank you God.  

Laura and her family will be flying on Monday morning to Memphis, TN for SIX months. I have known from the beginning that this time would come and here it is, ready or not. My heart is overfilled with joy as they will be reunited with family they have not seen in three years and the precious times Jude and Silas will have with grandparents and cousins.
See you in May friends! Till then Facebook and blogging!
Jude, Silas, and Harrison's huge hug!

Thank you God for this amazing friendship. I am extremely Blessed.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Harrison's field trip to a nearby fire station

I love how the students line up 

Harrison LOVED his time at the fire station with his friends.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

ABC (Advocates for Babies in Crisis)

Bill and I had a great evening supporting ABC organization dinner and auction. It was so fun to get all dressed up and to help support such a wonderful organization.   

Saturday, November 1, 2014

16 weeks...

via Instagram

Trick or Treat

Harrison as Bilbo from The Hobbit

As the night started Harrison was not so sure about all the other kids in our friends neighborhood. Once more kids met at the clubhouse Harrison spent some time running around on his own and going into the clubhouse where he proudly watched over the other kids. Trick or Treating was a slow process but once he got the hang of it he was walking up the to the porches all by himself. "Mommy, Daddy you stay there and I will go." Very sweet to hear his voice saying "trick or treat!" A successful night indeed!