Saturday, August 25, 2018

Memphis and Aunt Pene

Ready or not here we go to Memphis (boys were so helpful in pulling the suitcase after the wheel broke). 
The original 3! These boys had many playdates in Hyderabad, then Barcelona last summer, now in Memphis.
Memphis was hot but these boys were troopers!
Luara and I happened to be wearing tree pendents and I thought it was only fitting to capture Lewis walking on the roots of a huge tree.
Pile up on Momma in Graceland
So glad we took the time to tour Graceland and learn a lot more about Elvis! 
Completed the outing with Elvis glasses!  
Our airbnb was awesome! Here the boys are hanging out in the attic play area.
We made it to the top of Bass Pro Shop!

Thankful for our conversations and for the love Laura has given me. She reminds me of how faithful our God is and how he is aways with matter what. We have experienced being around the world together. Wonder where our next meet up will be?!

Dinosaur ShrinkyDink watching from Aunt Pene. After landing from Memphis we picked up Bill's Aunt Pene to spend a couple days with us before her cruise took off. She brought dinosaur figures and activities for the boys. They were very excited! 
After taking Aunt Pene to the top of the Space Needle (must get pictures from her) we spotted these two to finish our sunny Seattle day.