Friday, March 27, 2015

Sprinkle for Bagel

A huge thanks to my friends Bambi, Cynthia, Jen and Jess for hosting a wonderful Sprinkle! God has truly Blessed me with amazing friends in Hyderabad. Thank you, thank you to all my friends.

My friend Bindu 

Melody, Aline and Aarti
Let the games begin...making a baby by tearing paper behind our backs!

Bindu and Arti
Hey's the baby from "Rugrats"
Cynthia, Aline and Kashkrish
Jess, Bambi, Jen and Mikyung

Standing: Cynthia, Jess, Meghna, Arti, Safna, Melody
Sitting: Bindu, Aline, Aarti, Bambi, Mikyung and Kashkrish
Yes this is the same picture, just with Jen instead of Cynthia!!!!

Our family is now officially prepared to welcome Bagel into our lives. God is SO good!  

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Rocking and Sunshine

After singing You are my Sunshine at bedtime, Harrison climbed onto my lap and for the first time in years I rocked him to sleep. It was truly a precious (and priceless) moment. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Monday check up

Healthy Bagel is almost loaded
"Elephant, Cow, Giraffe and Harrison"
A fire took down his house! What better way to end a Monday then by playing Legos together! 

Day tour

The White Mughals Detour, traces the late 18th century tragic love story of a British Resident and a Muslim noblewoman.

Trinity Church, built in 1847, funded by the Queen herself 

Lastly....a true traditional toilet! 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

It's been a rough pregnancy...

I never quite understood how a pregnant woman could be so ready to speed up her pregnancy until my pregnancy with Bagel #2. This pregnancy has been tough! I feel like I have been pregnant for A LOT longer then 34 weeks. Daily I experience being content one moment and then find myself in tears. I feel as though I am carrying around a huge very sensitive bowling ball that is constantly on the move.

Seeking comfort in my family and friends has been amazing. I often step back and lift my head to God with thankfulness-

1. Though the emotional moments feel like as thought they last a long time, it does pass.
2. Deep breathes does wonders...even when the air isn't quite so fresh in Hyderabad. 
3. Technology is amazing for staying connected with my family and friends. 
4. Even in the deepest loney times...I am not alone, God is always with me.