Monday, September 29, 2014


Bill had the fabulous idea of stopping in Singapore for three nights after spending two weeks in Beijing. We flew Singapore Air and since we had a layover there, it only made sense to stop for a mini vacation.

The Singapore Zoo was AMAZING!  

"Polar bears are my new favorite animal!"

Focused on planning where to go next... 

Our second day in Singapore was spent walking around the river, taking a boat ride and just simply enjoying the fresh air and being together.  

Friday, September 19, 2014


This is our second trip to Beijing (first trip October 2011- Harrison was 17 months old, 1-2 naps a day). This trip has been a bit more challenging- high energy 4 year old whom moves and talks from the moment he wakes up! And no naps this time around. We have had some rough moments and this momma has thought at least a few times, "what in the world was I thinking to come with Bill on his business trip?!?!" However, and thankfully, the wonderful sweet moments have out weighted the rough ones! Here are some of our highlights...

As soon as we walked out of the hotel Harrison pointed up "Chinese flag!!! Just like the one I made at school!!!!"

Forbidden City

The love of running!

While Daddy was at work, Harrison and I ventured out to the Zoo and Aquarium. All the pandas were sleeping away...

A kangaroo and panda (not pictured) for Harrison's stuffed animal collection

"Look a ship!!!!"

Taking the cable car to the top of The Great Wall

Harrison LOVED running, jumping and climbing :-)

Simply breathtaking...

While Daddy works, Harrison and I explore a huge, seriously HUGE mall. First stop was the outdoor train