Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Two weeks down!

Tuesday July 30th 
Tonight marks week two of moving to India! Today was a very low key day with a long nap for Harrison and I since either one of us slept much at all last night from being sick. Please pray our sickness is 100% gone and a great night of sleeping. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

A great start to our week

Monday July 29th
Harrison had a ton of fun scooting around Hyper City on an infant/toddler scooter- what else could a boy want as his momma shops! Thank goodness for a nearly empty store! We had a great first play date with Laura and her two sons- Jude (3 yrs old) and Silas (18 months). Laura and her husband, David are from Tennessee and have been living here for 1.5 years.  
A drive back to the hotel would not be complete without buffalo taking a stroll along the busy road. 
Harrison loved "seeing" Poppy tonight before bed...he loved getting a tour of Poppy's motor home as well! What a huge Blessing to be able to "see" our families on the computer!!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Blessed Sunday

Sunday July 28th
This morning Harrison took his first communion. He was so patient as I explained to him the body and blood of Christ. We also gave Harrison our change from the week as his offering to church, this will become a weekly routine. 

Sara showing off some Indian style

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Nehru Zoological Park

Saturday July 27th 
After breakfast we went to the zoo! We saw lots of monkeys, lions, tigers and deer! The zoo also has a train ride- we are going to explore the ride next time. I can imagine spending a lot of time there. I was amazed at how many children I saw with no car seats or seat belts. We had to drive through a very poor area to get to the zoo...really makes me more and more thankful for what we had in our lives. 

After the zoo we went to Inorbit Mall where I bought a couple new dresses and Harrison enjoyed playing on the playground- swings, slides and merry go round. 
The day was finished off with dinner at Chili's... Buffalo cheeseburger and fries...it was amazing!

Friday, July 26, 2013


Friday July 26th 
This morning Harrison and I went to Globe Toters, as soon as we walked in Harrison was all smiles and loved watching the kids playing- decision made for preschool! He won't start until the second week of August. The school is Monday thru Friday 9am-12:30pm. It feels great to have the decision made. 

We also went to visit Kate (Carol Bailes oldest daughter) at her apartment complex. Kate doesn't have any children but Harrison really liked meeting her kitten and playing on the playground. We had a yummy lunch of butter chicken and chicken with noodles- extremely good. 

I am so glad it is Friday! We are planning to go to the breakfast expat group tomorrow morning and then we are hoping to do something touristy but not sure what. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Thursday, July 25th 
Harrison and I went to look at another preschool this morning, Indus international school. It was very nice but I am not sure about having Harrison going to school M-F 9am-2:30pm. Sure it would be great at first but then I know I will miss him greatly and someday he will have to go to school all day...so I am thinking we will stick to Globe Totters. 

We also checked out another grocery store, Ratnadeep. It was great- small, had everything I was looking for and quick to get in and out, very important with a 3 year old! Biggest success was having BACON for Harrison!!! 

Bill, Harrison and I looked at the Jayabheri Silicon County duplex before making our final decision to take it. We will get keys on August 20th. We are really excited about the location, layout and it comes with a washer, (no dryer as you would just hang them outside to dry and have a maid iron them) dishwasher, stove, refrigerator and microwave! Typically apartments don't come with appliances and it would be up to the renter to buy them and then worry about selling them before leaving. Huge Blessing not to have to worry about any of that!! 

What a happy boy to have BACON!

Our future home...

Yay for a small wadding pool for Harrison! 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Playground fun

Wednesday July 24th 
Harrison and I enjoyed reading books at Just Books (http://justbooksclc.com/cities/Hyderabad/Hyd-Gachibowli), playing at the playground for the first time and arcade games at Inorbit Mall (www.inorbit.in), mall location Inorbit, Cyberabad. Harrison loved swinging on the swings as well- once I figure out how to post a video I will...it was adorable! 

One week down!

Tuesday July 23rd 
Tuesday July 23rd 
We have survived our first week! Harrison continues to wake up at night wanting me to sleep in his room. I know this will get better with time. While at Inorbit Mall eating lunch, two young ladies came up and started rubbing Harrison's check, kissing him, and taking his pictures... 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I'm in beergatory

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Pampers found!

Monday, July 22nd 
Bill starts work today and I had my first cry about our house being rented and no longer our house for two years. Rest assured I am so thankful for my wonderful friends Bernardi's caring for our house and making it into their home. 

Great morning play date and Julie's house and several other mom and toddlers. I really felt at home and Harrison loved playing with all the toys- he wasn't into the art project at all. We are looking forward to another play date at Julie's next week. 

I found Pamper wipes at Q Mart and boy am I excited!!! A pack of 72 wipes is $3.70 so they will be used wisely while I get used to the brands here. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cards and Letters please!

Bill & Sara Nagel, Room 423
Ellaa Hotels 
Hill Ridge Springs, H.No. 2-55/H/H 
Gachibowli, ISB Road, 
Hyderabad - 500 032 A.P., India

Please send us cards/letters :) We will be staying at the hotel for 6-8 weeks 

Pearl City Church

This morning Bill, Harrison and I attended church at Pearl City Church. It was a wonderful service but very different from our home church of Bethany Presbyterian Church. The sermon was great, the music was loud but so good and the people were welcoming! I was invited to the moms group on Wednesday night from 4-6pm. We also went out to lunch with another family from the church. They have a son, Everett who is Harrison's age.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

God is great!

Saturday July 20th 
This morning Bill, Harrison and I went to a Saturday Morning Coffee Meet Up at the Westin Hotel and it was wonderful! Harrison loved playing and running around in the play space while Bill and I met some really nice families! My heart is overflowing with excitement! I was invited to girls night out tonight but on the fence as to whether I will go or skip this time. Harrison and I are planning to go to Julie Samra's house on Monday morning for an art/play time. We also met two other families whom attend Pearl Church, the church we will be going to tomorrow. God is certainly wonderful! 

Buffalo and yummy coffee

Friday July 19th 
Cows eating in the road on our way to get more passport photos- 24 each! Thankfully they are much cheaper here! 

Harrison experienced his first time standing in the corner for 3 minutes for using a pencil on the couch in the lobby. He was not happy about it at all!

So far my favorite Americano is from Gloria Jean's Coffee at Inorbit Mall...so good! 

We really enjoyed coffee at Beyond Coffee while Harrison played trains and cars (the workers enjoyed playing too)! So cute! 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Buffalo and Duplex

Thursday July 18th 
We saw our first buffalo walking in front of our driver on a busy highway this morning. 
We looked at more houses and apartments today...I think we have finally found what we are looking for- a duplex at Jayabeheri Silicon County. It's a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom and 4,000 sq feet with lots of built in storage. We are waiting to see if the owner will paint the bedrooms white (currently they are green, bright orange, and moth colored). It has a large expat community and is walking distance to a grocery store, coffee shop and restaurants. As well as 15 minutes from Amazon's office and 10 minutes from Harrison's preschool. 

Wednesday learnings

Wednesday highlights-What  I have learned... summer school break is April-June which is the hottest part of the year 

If anyone wants to ship us anything the best way to ship and make sure it gets to us is via DHL (also known as Blue Dart) or FedEx- NO electronics, dry food is ok and all tags/packaging must be removed from new items! General letters can be mailed by post office. 

Globe Toters will be Harrison's preschool, starting sometime next month. We took Harrison to see the school today and he seemed pretty excited. The school is from 8:50am-12:30pm Monday-Friday but we will start slowly. The website is http://www.globetoters.com/Hyd-GTG/home.aspx

I find it very interesting that stores typically open at 10:30/11am 

We did look at apartment and houses today. Found a house we really liked in a gated community and first house next to security. Looking forward to seeing an apartment complex that will allow me to do some walking around outside tomorrow. 

I was amazed at the variety of shacks and litter so close to the colonies (gated communities). Pretty amusing to see pigs, goats, cows, chickens and dogs just roaming the streets. Today we will look at more houses and apartments. We want to live close to Bill's office and Harrison's preschool. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We made it India!

Sunday morning we had a wonderful church service and prayer before we headed to lunch at my favorite Thai place in Queen Anne. The flight from Seattle to  Dubai was HOT! But thankfully very smooth! Harrison slept for 3-5 hours :) and loved watching movies. 

We ate lunch/dinner or somewhere along those lines at Burger King- ice cold diet coke and fries were tasty- whopper junior was gross so down the trash can it went.

While in Dubai we were able to briefly FaceTime with grandma and Nana before the plane started to board. 
So thankful to have the 19.5 hours of traveling behind us! 

Tuesday July 16th 
First thing H asked for this morning at breakfast was tea- so cute! We went to check our a preschool close by, Globe Toters (Bill and I went inside while Harrison slept away in the car). We really liked the school and will be taking Harrison on Wednesday to take a look. 

Bill and Harrison all ready for our big flight! 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Amanda and Matt highlights

I am so Blessed to have Amanda and Matt come visit us for a long weekend before we leave for India! I loved showing them the city we love and being a tourist. My favorite part was sitting around talking after Harrison was in bed or playing a game of "Ticket to Ride"...even though Matt was the winner each time. Here are some other great moments...
Kerry Park, beautiful weather and a best friend since 3rd grade! 

Amanda and Matt chilling on the Troll 

Always a great time looking around at the Market...

Beautiful Discovery Park

My two favorite guys...

Thursday, July 4, 2013

So much fun!

We have had an awesome time with my Dad and Debbie over the past 12 days. I feel extremely Blessed to have them come visit before we leave for India. There were tons of highlights, laughs, and just plain silliness but here are some of my favorite...
Beating the heat by going to Playdate Cafe in Lynnwood, Harrison had awesome time in the bouncy house (only to get in for a few seconds to run and then slide down)

The ball cage was so fun! Harrison wants a ball cage at home...

Nothing like holding Poppy's phone

Let's catch the bubbles! I love his excitement! 

My little reader and Poppy

Harrison could not decide if it was cold, hot or raining outside...