Thursday, July 25, 2013


Thursday, July 25th 
Harrison and I went to look at another preschool this morning, Indus international school. It was very nice but I am not sure about having Harrison going to school M-F 9am-2:30pm. Sure it would be great at first but then I know I will miss him greatly and someday he will have to go to school all I am thinking we will stick to Globe Totters. 

We also checked out another grocery store, Ratnadeep. It was great- small, had everything I was looking for and quick to get in and out, very important with a 3 year old! Biggest success was having BACON for Harrison!!! 

Bill, Harrison and I looked at the Jayabheri Silicon County duplex before making our final decision to take it. We will get keys on August 20th. We are really excited about the location, layout and it comes with a washer, (no dryer as you would just hang them outside to dry and have a maid iron them) dishwasher, stove, refrigerator and microwave! Typically apartments don't come with appliances and it would be up to the renter to buy them and then worry about selling them before leaving. Huge Blessing not to have to worry about any of that!! 

What a happy boy to have BACON!

Our future home...

Yay for a small wadding pool for Harrison! 

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