Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We made it India!

Sunday morning we had a wonderful church service and prayer before we headed to lunch at my favorite Thai place in Queen Anne. The flight from Seattle to  Dubai was HOT! But thankfully very smooth! Harrison slept for 3-5 hours :) and loved watching movies. 

We ate lunch/dinner or somewhere along those lines at Burger King- ice cold diet coke and fries were tasty- whopper junior was gross so down the trash can it went.

While in Dubai we were able to briefly FaceTime with grandma and Nana before the plane started to board. 
So thankful to have the 19.5 hours of traveling behind us! 

Tuesday July 16th 
First thing H asked for this morning at breakfast was tea- so cute! We went to check our a preschool close by, Globe Toters (Bill and I went inside while Harrison slept away in the car). We really liked the school and will be taking Harrison on Wednesday to take a look. 

Bill and Harrison all ready for our big flight! 


Sparkman Family said...

So glad you arrived safely. Love you friend and Happy Adventures :)

Amanda said...

So happy to hear that you made it!!! I was thinking about you a lot during that flight!