Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Almost Halloween 🎃


We love Halloween at our house! This year Harrison and Lewis were in charge of decorating. 

Vision therapy goodbye til January

Today Lewis has graduated from vision therapy! Woot woot! We’ll see Dr. Pearson in 3 months to make sure his eyes are continuing to strengthen. Admittedly doing the therapy exercises at home was incredibly inconsistent. Pulling Lewis out of school for weekly then biweekly appointments was tough. Today wasn’t the exception, very sad to miss science. 

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Leaky Cauldron update

It all started with reclaimed wood from Earthwise Architectural Salvage

turning the front yard transformed into a workshop for a couple weeks

After a week of major sanding and many trips to the hardware store, the door is almost complete 

Lots of hard work and dedication...front door is complete!

Bill continues to leave me in awe with what he can make.

Background story- We bought this beauty unfinished from Whittier Elementary auction years ago... It took awhile to get assembled and each year we have slowly made improvements. 

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Writing retreat…

 I was able to accomplish a lot last night. I finished the journal I had been working on and read through the next one. July 2000-2003 was emotional. Emotional to read the words I wrote and the heartache of my teenage and young adult self. 

I used to feel like I was unforgivable. I was not and am not. I learned so much from my deep mistakes and the journey I have been on. 

I want to scream from the top of mountains to all teenagers and young adults that what they are going through is not the end. They will travel down dark holes as they navigate themselves. Some will travel down deeper and darker holes then others. You will make mistakes and endure heartaches. Lift your head up and give thanks to God for his forgiveness and love. 

You are not broken and not something to be fixed. You are loved deeply and supported by so many. Find your place and your space in this world. Love deeply and pray to the God whom created you. You are not nor will never be perfect. The mistakes and failures are learning points to pick yourself up and go forward, tiny tiny tiny steps. No one is like you, be you and be brave. Spread your wings and fly. There is so much more ahead of you.  

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Seattle Aquarium

The Octopus never gets old for Harrison and Lewis. This time They have been caught. 

Love these two boys of ours 


Why not have a chocolate chip cookie bigger than your hand. He did share and eat it in stages! 


Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Great is Thy Faithfulness

Sweet Lewis, the moment I held you for the first time, I started singing “Great is Thy Faithfulness.”God is so good and life is HARD at times. Being on this mommy road of two boys has been filled with more bumps, steep drops and curves then I could have ever imagined. Thankfully God is always next to, in front of, and behind Bill and I.