Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Bill was told before Christmas that he needed to go to Seattle for two weeks due to a project he was working on. When Bill told me this news I was so excited and decided Harrison and I would go too. Here is our wonderful adventure...

An early morning flight, left Hyderabad at 6:30am on Jan. 3rd.
Extremely thankful Harrison fell asleep on the plane for a couple hours

Harrison and I spent the night in Frankfurt, Germany. Before going to our hotel Harrison had to check out this display of Inhalt Baukasten (a large building set).

Harrison greatly loved eating a large pretzel for breakfast  
 Harrison and his love for cupcake icing! We spent Saturday, Jan 4th with Caroline and William. Harrison LOVED playing with William and it was so wonderful to spend time together. 
 A wonderful welcome to America goodie bag for Harrison and I. Thank you so much Caroline for the amazing snacks and being able to pick us up from the airport- a great birthday for me!

 Sunday morning, Jan 5th, we spend a couple hours with amazing friends at Twirl Cafe. The best way to visit with our friends!

 Going to the Seattle Aquarium was a huge hit for Harrison. We enjoyed meeting Thomas and Jennifer there as well.

 After the Aquarium Harrison and I told a mommy/son trip to the Museum of Flight. He had so much you can see he was quite zonked afterwards
 Though this picture is very blurry it is the only one I have of our play date with Emily. Harrison and Emily have been friends for a couple years and share the same interest in trains and cars. While they played, Megan and I were able to visit. Loved catching up Megan and being able to play with baby Alex!

On Thursday, Jan 9th Harrison and I flew to Indiana. My best friend, Amanda gave birth to baby Jackson December 3rd. I was content (well as content as I could be) with knowing the likelihood of meeting Jackson before he was 2 years old was very slim. Little did I know that God would place this trip to American into our opportunity. Thank you so much Matt and Amanda for letting us stay the night with you.
Harrison was so excited to hold Jackson. What a great big brother he will be someday. 
The snow was a HUGE hit for Harrison! Though it rained later in the day and all started to melt before he could make a snow angel...he as still pretty much in Heaven. 
Being in the snow would not be complete without a cup of hot chocolate

My best friend and our boys! 
 My mom had the wonderful idea to not tell my sisters and twin brother that I was coming to visit. I also chose not to tell my dad. Therefore I avoided all Facebook, Tango and FaceTime chats a week or so before leaving India...afraid I would give the surprise away. Mom told Liz and Jenny that it was a girls night and for them to meet at her house on Friday, Jan 10th. Liz came in the back door first while I stood in my mom's bedroom. As soon as Liz walked into the dinning room I poked out and said "hi." Liz grabbed me so tight and we both cried as we hugged each other. Jenny came in from the back door about 5 minutes later. I again stood in my mom's room but Harrison wondered into the dinning room. As soon as Jenny saw Harrison (not processing at first that it was Harrison) she said "oh...oh...OH!!!" We also hugged and cried. Seriously the best surprise ever! I decided since Harrison and I would only be in Terre Huate for 4 nights that I would only spend time with family. Hopefully next time we will be able to stay longer and be able to see friends.
 On Saturday morning Jenny called my dad to tell him that she has something to bring over to his house. I think he was in a bit of shock to see us was he answered the front door... another wonderful surprise.

Harrison ADORES Kennedy! He had a blast playing with her and his cousins. 

I am sad to say I don't have any pictures of my twin brother and sister in law. I KNOW someone took pictures...please send them to me as soon as possible! We all gathered together at Jenny's house for dinner on Saturday evening. John and Samantha arrived at Jenny's a little bit before Harrison and I. I love my twin's huge hugs and having him tower over me. It was so wonderful to have his and Samantha's hugs! I am so thankful they were able to come to Terre Haute over the weekend. What an amazing family I have!!!

 A trip to the Terre Haute Children's Museum before heading back to Seattle.

Harrison learning to play checkers with Nana at Cracker Barrel 

Poppy and Harrison at Chick Fil A..another hot spot for this momma while in Indiana 

 Harrison and I returned to Seattle on Jan 14th, we LOVED playing with more friends before leaving on Jan 18th for India.
Thank you Anna and Rebecca for making the trip from Federal Way to Seattle. Buddies Gus, Evelyn and Harrison

Harrison playing in the boat at the Woodland Park Zoo

Harrison and Kaden playing pirates at our hotel suite.

Cody and Harrison walking to the bus stop in West Seattle. Anthea, thank you so much for taking the day off work so we could spend the morning with you. 

One of MANY boxes of things for us to fit into our suitcase. What an awesome trip! 

As soon as Harrison and William saw each other on Jan 4th, they hugged, laughed, and ran around the airport together. Two best friends reunited.

Though I don't have any pictures of all our friends and the wonderful time we had together, I truly treasure the time we spent.

Thank you Johnny and Noelia for taking such WONDERFUL care of our (your) home. All my love to my amazing friends and family.