Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Field Day for Lewis last Friday

Emotions were so high on Friday, mine included…tears, smiles, hugs, cursing under my breath. I loved helping in the classroom beforehand by passing out their Denmark shirts, getting pictures to share with Lewis’s teacher, and spending some time with another momma and friend…whom also made 22 Denmark shirts for our class country representing Men’s World Cup Qatar. 

I was incredibly triggered with how much I really HATE field day from my childhood days. I lost count of how many times I quietly cried, wiping tears off my cheek. The competition, need for speed, not following the rules…not that I blame them with hundreds of other kids around AND the noise of loud music near the gym…it was very overwhelming. Lewis was short fused as well. This was a HARD afternoon. Oh how I hate field day. 


Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Arts Festival at Billings

One of four pieces of Harrison’s artwork from this school year. It was so exciting to see through his eyes and into his imagination. 


Principal Lewis and Move-A-Thon

Morning hot chocolate and some e-mail 

Awarding some Big Paws and learning how to use the radio 

Back from recess supervision. Busy day for Principal Lewis last Thursday. This may have been the best school auction item ever!

Last Friday was Whittier’s Move-A-Thon and Lewis put his all into running and walking for 20 minutes. Four laps accomplished…woot woot. 

First grade is wrapping up and we will miss not having Mr. B next year!


Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Harbor Cruise

I never get tired of seeing the Space Needle

Ahh the boys I love in the city I love…What is a cruise without proper Seattle weather!?

Lewis and his bunny ears poking prank 

Contiguous laughter 

Great way to end our outing with Ivar’s and silliness 


Friday, May 27, 2022

Herndon, Virginia

Oh how this sweet boy, Jesse, and his momma came into my life almost 4 years ago. To have a neighbor become a close friend is one of the sweetest joys. Anna, Wayne and Jesse moved to Herndon last August and I am so excited to spend time with them this week.

Lattes and pastries in D.C. while Jesse was in preschool and Wayne is working. 

Contagious smiles

These pjs where Harrison’s, then Lewis’s and now Jesse’s…we are getting ready for a dance party!

COFFEE is always a must and Weird Coffee Brothers did not disappoint! 

Full of life and laughter….love you Jesse boy!


Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Lewis and biking

Since last week Lewis has been asking almost everyday if he can go gliding…

And today he is able to pedal! So proud and such a childhood milestone. He will continue to take slow pedals as he perseveres.  


Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Philadelphia Church band

Bill’s first time joining the band…Great is Your faithfulness indeed God.