Thursday, July 31, 2014

Struggle, simply struggle

Change is HARD for me and my son is changing everyday! He is an extremely active little boy and full of life. Once I dug deeper into my inner self I have realized I MUST change with him. I dislike the outdoors but must force (yes force) myself to get outside. I have always loved being indoors as a child- playing with my Barbies and dolls, going to friends houses to play. Once I was 7 or 8 years old I loved riding my bike with friends and walking to the convenience store nearby as well as walking to and from school. 

Harrison is 4...and it's time this momma embrace the outdoors with my son so he can ran around and use the energy god has given him. My other fear of going outside is that I ALWAYS have to go to the bathroom- what if there is no bathroom nearby, I don't want to drag Harrison away from playing so I can consistently run into our apartment or store to use the bathroom. This is a continuous inner struggle... 

Another struggle- bedtime! 
Harrison has begun screaming and crying for me to stay next to his bed while he falls asleep (this something I started doing last year when we moved to India). Again, my son is 4, it's time he falls asleep on his own! We must get back to a bedtime routine as well. I have set my phone alarm for 7pm- brush teeth (bath if needed), pjs, read stores, pray and sing songs. I also posted a list in Harrison's bedroom with the routine. 

The screaming and crying will not last forever!

One more struggle- words
Over the past 4-6 weeks Harrison has picked up words that I am NOT a fan of him using: poop, shoot you, kill you, bang bang, cut you....I am sure there are more. I know my son is a boy whom is interested in guns and fascination with pooping. But there is a time and place for these words. Is this a cry for attention I am not giving him or is it him trying to be like his friend(s) whom use these words? I have begun telling Harrison that my ears are closed when he starts using these words. He immediately says "I have good words to say now." 

Please pray for patience with Harrison and to be a strong, firm loving parent. 

Please know that I do NOT want my 4 year old to act like an adult, to be perfect...I truly want him to be the boy he is whom has lots of energy...just with better choices of words. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The seriousness of Allahabad and Varanas

Tagging along with Bill for his work trip to Allahabad was a huge cultural experience for me. I did not realize how much the city would impact me with its people literally living on the streets, naked children roaming around and trash spread along the streets and sidewalks.

LOTS of bicycle rickshaws EVERYWHERE 

This is a picture I took steps away from our hotel entrance, extremely poor people living alongside the road with barely a trap for their roof and sleeping on the dirt with bugs everywhere. 

Ganges River 

Pilgrims gathered to worship Shiva 
We saw hundreds of Pilgrims walking barefoot along the highway and streets

Buffalos bathing in the Ganges 
So many animals just hanging out

The fun of Allahabad and Varanasi

Enjoying breakfast and playing at a local coffee dive
Just taking in the green grassy area outside our hotel 

A life size remote control car- one of Harrison's highlights 

Second highlight was finding his first Ninja Turtle! He was so excited to call Uncle John and show him. Harrison has heard many times about how Mommy and Uncle John would play Ninja Turtles together all the time growing up.

Peeking inside All Saints Cathedral 

Services continue to be held on Sunday mornings at 8:30am 

This boy is so silly!

Daddy and Harrison working together on an activity book 

Harrison was so excited when we told him we where going out on a paddle boat along the Ganges in Varanasi

As a group of Indians were amused by us (Harrison mostly) I decided to snap a picture of them

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Parents Day

 Saturday was Parents Day at Harrison's school. He was so excited to show me his classroom and for me to meet his teachers and new friends. Daddy was out of town for work, just me and my Harrison

Harrison was so excited to have a plant to bring home. We then had an afternoon date to see Planes: Fire and Rescue 

I am so thankful for such a wonderful school! 

Monday, July 21, 2014

My view from the gym

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

One year

2:55am on 16-7-13 we arrived in Hyderabad, India. 

It has been an incredible year:

* Saturday morning breakfast at The Westin (seriously this is where The Nagel's are every Saturday we are in town)! 

* Amazing new friends I have met from all over the world 

* A wonderful church community

* More appreciation for the things I have in my life. The tent communities (slums) are everywhere you look, it is unavoidable 

* Learning to purge the things we are not using...I give these unused items to my maid or driver, they are completely thrilled and always so appreciative 

* Cows and Buffalos just hanging out along the side of the road as well as walking, stopping and sitting on the road while cars buzz by, yield to the animals 

* Cars and people everywhere- I mean EVERYWHERE! 

* Recently started volunteering on Wednesday mornings Sarah's Covenant Homes

Here are a collection of things we often see...

We are truly Blessed by our wonderful friends, whom have become our family...

SO thankful for a wonderful driver, Faiyaz

Thank you God for a wonderful husband whom has taken me by the hand and shown me the world

God you are so GREAT!