Friday, July 11, 2014

Celebrating Yes!

I am taking an online 30 day ecourse on Happiness is your Nature. This week the focus is on the inner critic and today's assignment is to reflect on how far I have come in the past 3, 5,  or 10 years and how much I have gained in my life. I have chosen to reflect on the past 3 years. 

Thee years ago I began my journey of better health. Three years ago I was overweight with little muscle strength and eating a lot of fast food, lots of sugary coffees, soda, pizza 1x a week, cooking quick unhealthy meals (mostly prepared/packaged foods). I never thought about going to the gym for boot camp and/or Crossfit.
Then I found a great deal for bootcamp online (July of 2011) and decided to support a local company/friend's husband. I was terrified at first by going due to my fear of what the other strength levels my classmate would be and if I was going to be the only overweight beginner. My fears dissolved quickly when I stepped into the gym and saw other classmates just starting out like me. 

In April 2011 I met Natalie, my health coach. When we first began meeting I would not look her in the eyes while I talked about my food choices because I felt so ashamed (though Natalie never ever made me feel this way). One of the many wonderful things Natalie did was going shopping with me at the local store to help me in making better ingredient choices for cooking and snacking. Since moving to India one year ago she has been my rock in the ups and downs of my journey in overcoming the challenges of living in India and being more gentle with myself. I continue to have a food log and use myfitnesspal on a daily basis. Do I want to keep a food log and online tracker for the rest of my life, no. But for now these tools are amazing for me to use in keeping track of my daily choices and helping me to work on mindfulness. I do have treat days three times a week and I am not DEPRIVING myself. This is my process of making healthier choices.
I never thought I would love lifting weights, doing high intense workouts, and working as a team with other classmates focusing on being stronger and healthier. I am so thankful for Riley Athletics (in Seattle) and Potens Crossfit in Hyderabad. 

I continue to work hard on being more gentle with myself, mindful in my eating choices (especially social situations and after dinner kitchen roaming are HARD), taking one step/day at a time and that the number on the scale is not the only factor in staying healthy. I am my own person, NO one can take that away from me.

This wonderful journey continues as I become healthier for myself, my loving Husband, and our extremely active son.   



Monique said...

You are beautiful! Surely the internal rewards of healthy choices outweigh the external, although those come too!

Way to go, girl!!


In Definition said...

i love this, sara! your perseverance and discipline in this are inspiring!!! laura d