Thursday, July 31, 2014

Struggle, simply struggle

Change is HARD for me and my son is changing everyday! He is an extremely active little boy and full of life. Once I dug deeper into my inner self I have realized I MUST change with him. I dislike the outdoors but must force (yes force) myself to get outside. I have always loved being indoors as a child- playing with my Barbies and dolls, going to friends houses to play. Once I was 7 or 8 years old I loved riding my bike with friends and walking to the convenience store nearby as well as walking to and from school. 

Harrison is 4...and it's time this momma embrace the outdoors with my son so he can ran around and use the energy god has given him. My other fear of going outside is that I ALWAYS have to go to the bathroom- what if there is no bathroom nearby, I don't want to drag Harrison away from playing so I can consistently run into our apartment or store to use the bathroom. This is a continuous inner struggle... 

Another struggle- bedtime! 
Harrison has begun screaming and crying for me to stay next to his bed while he falls asleep (this something I started doing last year when we moved to India). Again, my son is 4, it's time he falls asleep on his own! We must get back to a bedtime routine as well. I have set my phone alarm for 7pm- brush teeth (bath if needed), pjs, read stores, pray and sing songs. I also posted a list in Harrison's bedroom with the routine. 

The screaming and crying will not last forever!

One more struggle- words
Over the past 4-6 weeks Harrison has picked up words that I am NOT a fan of him using: poop, shoot you, kill you, bang bang, cut you....I am sure there are more. I know my son is a boy whom is interested in guns and fascination with pooping. But there is a time and place for these words. Is this a cry for attention I am not giving him or is it him trying to be like his friend(s) whom use these words? I have begun telling Harrison that my ears are closed when he starts using these words. He immediately says "I have good words to say now." 

Please pray for patience with Harrison and to be a strong, firm loving parent. 

Please know that I do NOT want my 4 year old to act like an adult, to be perfect...I truly want him to be the boy he is whom has lots of energy...just with better choices of words. 

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Unknown said...

Know your struggle is that of every good mom Sara. Be patient with yourself and know you are doing a great job.