Tuesday, July 15, 2014

One year

2:55am on 16-7-13 we arrived in Hyderabad, India. 

It has been an incredible year:

* Saturday morning breakfast at The Westin (seriously this is where The Nagel's are every Saturday we are in town)! 

* Amazing new friends I have met from all over the world 

* A wonderful church community

* More appreciation for the things I have in my life. The tent communities (slums) are everywhere you look, it is unavoidable 

* Learning to purge the things we are not using...I give these unused items to my maid or driver, they are completely thrilled and always so appreciative 

* Cows and Buffalos just hanging out along the side of the road as well as walking, stopping and sitting on the road while cars buzz by, yield to the animals 

* Cars and people everywhere- I mean EVERYWHERE! 

* Recently started volunteering on Wednesday mornings Sarah's Covenant Homes

Here are a collection of things we often see...

We are truly Blessed by our wonderful friends, whom have become our family...

SO thankful for a wonderful driver, Faiyaz

Thank you God for a wonderful husband whom has taken me by the hand and shown me the world

God you are so GREAT! 


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