Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Harbor Cruise

I never get tired of seeing the Space Needle

Ahh the boys I love in the city I love…What is a cruise without proper Seattle weather!?

Lewis and his bunny ears poking prank 

Contiguous laughter 

Great way to end our outing with Ivar’s and silliness 


Friday, May 27, 2022

Herndon, Virginia

Oh how this sweet boy, Jesse, and his momma came into my life almost 4 years ago. To have a neighbor become a close friend is one of the sweetest joys. Anna, Wayne and Jesse moved to Herndon last August and I am so excited to spend time with them this week.

Lattes and pastries in D.C. while Jesse was in preschool and Wayne is working. 

Contagious smiles

These pjs where Harrison’s, then Lewis’s and now Jesse’s…we are getting ready for a dance party!

COFFEE is always a must and Weird Coffee Brothers did not disappoint! 

Full of life and laughter….love you Jesse boy!


Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Lewis and biking

Since last week Lewis has been asking almost everyday if he can go gliding…

And today he is able to pedal! So proud and such a childhood milestone. He will continue to take slow pedals as he perseveres.  


Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Philadelphia Church band

Bill’s first time joining the band…Great is Your faithfulness indeed God. 



Shortbread flag for his kingdom and newspaper 


Kong Academy and cat kingdom

Parkour and Social Emotional Learning…Lewis is LOVING IT! Typically I drop Lewis off at 3pm, rush to pick up Harrison from school at 3:30pm and dash back to pick up Lewis at 4pm. Last week I was able to stay. I LOVED watching Lewis move his body and try new things. He was able to keep trying when it was tough and receive encouragement and help from his couches. Kids encourage each other and work on their SEL skills. 

Curt (Founder and chief head monkey) helped Lewis with his somersaults

After Parkour we went to the pet store for much needed (according to Lewis) cat toys and a kingdom of their own. 


Harrison’s 6th grade camping trip

Testing out Harrison’s sleeping mat and bag. 

Ready for his adventure while Lewis makes sure Harrison doesn’t forget his silliness. Harrison was dropped off successfully (other kiddos had a harder time, God Bless them). 

Lewis and Shortbread made sure Harrison’s bed stayed warm 

Harrison spread his wings toward his first school overnight adventure to Olympic Peninsula, Wednesday April 27-Friday April 29 and it was a huge success. A dear friend texted me saying she thought she just saw Harrison at the Sol Duc…yup that was him indeed. How neat to have a friend be in the same place with her family and see Harrison. God works in wonderful ways. My anxiety was low (at least I thought so) and to have a text from Jessica was an uplighting moment. She then say the Billings buses the next day headed up Hurricane Ridge. 
Harrison said he loved the talent show, he got to announce everything and did a Bigfoot skit.
Breakfast was moldy bagels and knock off cheerios, Honey Nut Scooters…obviously the bagels were not moldy but that was his perception. 
Hotdogs tasted like poop (I don't know how he could know what poop tastes like, lol!)
Had really good pasta (not something he has ever had)
Tried celery and it tasted like vanilla ice cream 
Slept 5 hours each night