Friday, March 27, 2015

Sprinkle for Bagel

A huge thanks to my friends Bambi, Cynthia, Jen and Jess for hosting a wonderful Sprinkle! God has truly Blessed me with amazing friends in Hyderabad. Thank you, thank you to all my friends.

My friend Bindu 

Melody, Aline and Aarti
Let the games begin...making a baby by tearing paper behind our backs!

Bindu and Arti
Hey's the baby from "Rugrats"
Cynthia, Aline and Kashkrish
Jess, Bambi, Jen and Mikyung

Standing: Cynthia, Jess, Meghna, Arti, Safna, Melody
Sitting: Bindu, Aline, Aarti, Bambi, Mikyung and Kashkrish
Yes this is the same picture, just with Jen instead of Cynthia!!!!

Our family is now officially prepared to welcome Bagel into our lives. God is SO good!  

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