Friday, November 21, 2014

See you on Facebook Dawkins

Four days after we arrived in Hyderabad our family went to our first Westin breakfast. It was a bit overwhelming to meet so many new families but I was at ease quickly with the warm words of welcome. The Dawkins family also attended for the first time (though they had been living in Hyderabad for over 1.5 years) and a beautiful friendship grew. I thank God for Laura and her family. One playdate led to every (well almost) Monday playdates, board game and dinner nights, and most importantly an amazing strong relationship. Thank you, thank you, thank you God.  

Laura and her family will be flying on Monday morning to Memphis, TN for SIX months. I have known from the beginning that this time would come and here it is, ready or not. My heart is overfilled with joy as they will be reunited with family they have not seen in three years and the precious times Jude and Silas will have with grandparents and cousins.
See you in May friends! Till then Facebook and blogging!
Jude, Silas, and Harrison's huge hug!

Thank you God for this amazing friendship. I am extremely Blessed.

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