Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Boston bound until Friday

After a quick check into our Airbnb we went to Shake Shack for lunch, why not combine a chocolate shake with Fanta!
Every chance Lewis gets he wants to climb and use his parkour moves. Harrison was too daring for this momma by getting way too close to the water

Squirrels! Lewis found them fascinating while we walked through Boston Pubic Garden

Both were intrigued by getting so close to a squirrel. I am sure we will continue to see more this week. 

Must admit today was a long day. Flying after 2.5 years was tiring for Harrison and Lewis. We walked near MIT and Lewis was worn out…Momma was too and patience was thin. Thankfully We took the subway back. Maybe tomorrow we will use the subway to explore MIT. 

The creative use of art…a slide!


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