Tuesday, April 5, 2022


Lewis on the move at his birthday party Sunday afternoon with…

Ryan on the move and…

Miles on the move! It was so fun to watch these three boys play hard together!

Lewis has been asking for Space Lego sets and he was one happy boy this morning.

I love our family pictures…especially the caught off guard ones!

Lewis was excited to have his hanging by a root tooth come out today. He pulled one of the roots off with his water bottle in school and it hurt! Mr. B checked on him after he went to the calm down corner in his class…the office offered to put a bandage on it, hehe. He was given tissue for his pocket in case it bled. I love picking Lewis up from school everyday. 

Oh Lewis and his silly tongue…this was last night before bed. He helped me set up and commented, “this is why you stay up after I go to bed.” Presents on the table is never done before he is fast asleep. 

We will forever love you Lewis, no matter what.

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