Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Great Day

A day full of meeting new moms:

Harrison and I enjoyed going to Beyond Coffee, an every Tuesday morning coffee time with other moms from Big Bellies Mums and Buds Facebook group. It was great to meet more moms! Harrison was the only kid (all their kids were in preschool), as I drank my americano he enjoyed watching Handy Manny on the iPad. 

After lunch Harrison and I went to Pearl City Church mums group, meets every Tuesday from 4-6pm. Many of the moms are westerner expats but some are Indian whom used to live in the United States but have moved back to Hyderabad. One family from church lives in the same gated community, Jayabheri Silicon County, that we will be moving to next month! 

After dinner I started to reflect on how Blessed I am to have such a community of welcoming moms! 

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