Thursday, August 1, 2013

Goldfish found and air shipment is HERE!

Thursday August 1st 

A trip to my favorite grocery store Ratnadeep where we found GOLDFISH crackers!!! Harrison was all smiles! 

This afternoon Harrison and I went to lunch at Kate's house, it was very and I am thankful for being invited to lunch! 
On our way home from Kate's house I told Harrison that our air shipment had arrived- Harrison was ecstatic!!! 

Top toys....
Curious George radio 
Wooden Seaplane 
Mickey Mouse tool set 
Guitar- "mommy sing a song!" This mommy has to learn some songs! 

Dinosaur Train set 

Last night Bill discovered a leak coming from the bathroom shower. Today we found out that the problem is bigger then expected so we will be moving rooms on Saturday. Thankfully we only have to move across the hallway! 

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Amanda said...

He looks so happy to have his toys there now.