Wednesday, January 25, 2017

God Bless Harrison

The past two weeks have been really difficult for Harrison at school and home...he's having a rough time expressing his emotions and replacing it with screaming and crying. Harrison's lack of sleep last week from Lewis having a cold (coughing a lot in the night) didn't help at all. He has also become more scared of the dark and entering another room in the house by himself.

What's his mood going to be like when he comes home, what is going to set him off next... and yet he can give you a smile that melts your heart and laugher that fills your soul.

I have begun (finally) reading "Raising Your Spirited Child" by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka. I want to help him to be the best Harrison he can be and to learn how to help him, help myself, help our family.

Yesterday he came home from school super excited to share with me that he had two fun breaks (choice breaks, incentives for making the right choice) in 1-4-5 (room number 145 but I loved how he says 1-4-5). First one was for doing well in math class and second was for not screaming during recess (I am assuming while lining up to go back inside).

This is a season, it will pass as we work together and pray for guidance.

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