Thursday, January 5, 2017

35 years young...

I am overflowing with love from my family and friends as I celebrated my 35th birthday yesterday.

I have struggled with depression and anxiety for many years, up and down. Mostly good days, weeks, and months. However the past couple weeks have been really difficult. The anxiety has become stronger and harder to breathe through. I am thankful to not shy away from asking for help, therefore I am receiving medical help and counseling.

I long to pray more, giving my anxieties to God and releasing the tight reins of control. I long to remember that I am NEVER alone! God is always next to me, walking in front of me, or following me.

I simply want to be the best Sara, wife and momma that I can be. Here's to year of leaning more on God and letting HIM take control.

Morning coffee date with Lewis 
Harrison really wanted to teach me how to put Legos together :)
He was a patient teacher 
Heartlake cupcake cafe is complete!
Here's to leaning more on God and working toward letting go of control. God is so good!


Sparkman Family said...

Love you my friend. Lean in and let go-you will never regret it.

Unknown said...

You are loved Sara ❤. Good decision to get help. We all struggle at times. Praying you will feel the love and see the light.