Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Midweek update

Midweek update... 

On Monday morning after dropping Harrison off at school I ventured out to find a coffee shop I saw online, "Coffee World." After 45 minutes of driving and several stops to ask for directions...we found it...but it was gated up and no longer in business- seriously?!?! Ugh! But hey it was an adventure and a story to add to our collection of India adventures! 

Tuesday morning Bill, Harrison and I headed to FRRO (Foreign Resident Regristration Office) to update our residency. We were done in 2.5 hours- yeah for not being an all day adventure! Thankfully Harrison was a trooper as we sat and played games together on my iPad. After a tasty lunch at KFC Bill headed to customs (thank God we didn't go with him!!) for a 3 hour process, plus a forty minute drive each way. Bless Bill's heart... needless to say he enjoyed a couple beers with dinner! 

While Bill was at customs Harrison and I attended our first birthday party in India at Fun City (an arcade) at Inorbit Mall. Harrison loved eating McDonalds for dinner followed by cake and then of course arcade games!!! 

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