Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ganesh, garden and "adventure"

On Monday morning Harrison and I met friends at the Botanical Gardens for an hour...until it started raining. School was closed for Ganesh Chaturthi festival ("Ganesh is called a God here"- Harrison informed us, a glimspe into what he learned last week at school!!)

Harrison's first clay statue he made at school

The fish tanks inside where empty and we all decided this
must not be the right time of year to visit, but we still had fun! 

The bridge was a huge hit! Harrison with Silas, Ethan and Jude

After the garden and lunch, Harrison and I enjoyed an afternoon playing with Ethan at his house while the moms drank coffee and talked. 

Today after preschool Harrison and I attempted to go to a friends house. The drive should have taken 30 minutes but after a little over an hour of looking for the apartment (and of course my phone died) I gave up. An uneventful journey but a journey nonetheless! 

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Mardie said...

I love your blog, Sara. So fun to hear your stories about Harrison and Bill. We miss you at Rotary and look forward to your return.