Sunday, May 7, 2023

Mountains of tissues

Lewis has been sick for over a week. What started last Saturday night as a sore throat lead to throwing up and fever for days. I took him to the doctor on Monday evening and he tested negative to strep throat. How doctor thought he is fighting a virus and gave Lewis anti nausea medication. After a couple days his stomach settled as his sore throat and fever continued. After taking a nap on Wednesday he woke up with lots of drainage, creating mountains of tissues and countless empty tissue boxes. On Friday morning I took him back to the doctor. Lewis stopped running a fever and she didn’t test for strep since the culture was negative on Monday. She recommended continuing with Ibuprofen for his sore throat and cool humidifier.

Yesterday Lewis started laughing and his mountain of tissues was small.
                  The joy of laughter.
                I continue to pray for healing. 

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Anna said...

Hope he is feeling better!!