Saturday, February 11, 2023

2E and an easier way to understand it

This has been a week filled with intense emotions. I continue to turn inward with my feelings, only causing heartache that I bring on myself. Maybe I do it because I believe everyone is tired of hearing about the emotional load I carry…Once I reached out to a friend for how to best understand and explain 2E my heart was able to stop breaking and put a bandaid on it. 

I have begun to say, “one second at a time” since taking tiny, tiny, tiny steps seems to too big right now. 

Having resources and being reminded of the community I have is powerful. 

Here are three links from friends and support groups that better explains 2E. 

A lens into how amazing, complex, loving, imaginative, creative, and quirky our boys are. 

With Gods guidance and the community he helps provide has been amazing.  

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