Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Advice for the younger Sara...

Always listen to your instincts- you’re going to be give a lot of advice...your momma instincts are the best. 

Ask for help AND then take the help.

Believe those who say they want to help, those I have encountered genuinely want to help me.

Children want to be understood, they have emotions!

Children aren’t broken...they are the best parts of you and your spouse, how we work with their uniqueness is important.

Your children aren’t good or bad, they make good decisions and bad decisions. Stop calling them a good or bad boy/girl. Praise their action(s).

Give yourself Grace...the guilt you’re holding onto will weigh you down.

Don’t be afraid to say NO!!

Let your children learn disappointment at home, before they get out into the world 

Not everything is okay AND that is okay. 

The road ahead is filled with potholes, bumps, curves and straight lines. 

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