Saturday, April 29, 2017


A rough start to the day has lead to a very proud momma moment. First the rough parts- Lewis dropped my phone while we were leaving physical therapy (and running late to personal training). When I noticed the screen was cracked I hung my head down and cried. I cried because I was tired from the week of being solo (but I have made it, I am doing it!) and Lewis having a cold, not eating much and just cranky (rightfully so).

Lewis and I were 35 minutes late to personal training (so 60 minute session was cut to 25 minutes). A wonderful fast walk was had in the cool sunny air.

Then I went to school to get Harrison's bike after a week of learning to glide and ride. He has MASTERED his biking skills. He can ride, really ride, truly riding on his own! After class Harrison and his IA helped take his bike to the car. Best part.. Harrison gave me a HUGE hug and kiss before I left.

Now I am preparing to leave for the weekend on a church women's retreat in Leavenworth. Bill will be going solo for the weekend after his quick trip to Dubai...but I will be back on Sunday, renewed and reminded how wonderful our God is. 

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