Saturday, April 8, 2017

25+ years

April 5th-8th: I was Avon, Indiana bound to visit one of my best childhood friends'

The largest slurpee I have EVER was a two hand holding job!
Our shopping adventure loot 
Great friend and food 

We drank A LOT of Starbucks...caramel macchiatos are so much better when shared with a friend. 
Here we lost track of which drink belong to whom...and they were at the same level! 
Saying good bye was tough as I wish we could have spent more time together. God has been so good to give me my dear friend. I learned so much more about how wonderful God is and he is truly with us each step of the way.

A few things I am "stealing" from Aliza:
I am Blessed (not lucky)
Finding words of wisdom to put around my house and car as a remember that God is always with me
Being intentional in all I do

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