Thursday, March 2, 2017

San Francisco adventures

Our super active Lewis has his own seat before turning 2. The flight was so smooth and he did a great job!
View from our Airbnb! 
Ready for a day of touring the city

Love my family...this is a picture to frame!
Harrison loved Alcatraz, he was fascinated with the tour.

My heart melted when Lewis grabbed Harrison's hand as we walked toward Golden Gate bridge.

CalTrain to go visit Bill's college friends... 
Single stroller transformed to double...

One of many highlights of Exploratorium 

The curviest road in the world?!

Neat coffee shop and finally good coffee...
Our long time friend Michael Lee just happened to be in SF for work...quick meet up. Lewis was completely done that afternoon (on day 4 of no naps for this champ).

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