Monday, March 6, 2017

Emotions are HIGH

SO many different emotions flying through the Nagel household this weekend....

Expressing ourselves without major blow outs of crying and screaming has been super hard for spirited Harrison. Daddy is away for a week in Hyderabad and that is hard for him. I have to remember he is almost seven years old and using his words to say he is sad/mad/disappointed/etc. is difficult (as I am sure it is for all kids). 

Lewis has another cold which makes for a fussy 23 month old. I am so tired of Lewis getting a cold all winter long. Maybe this means he will have built such a high resistance that he won't have a cold all winter long in the future?! 

My body is showing wild signs of stress with a massive cold sore and emotionally eating. Thank goodness for anti-vitial medicine and cream...hoping it goes away soon. I am good during the day as I chug along with great support and help from my momma (Thank the good Lord for moms!) After dinner on the other hand is the time I seek out anything sweet to eat. The girl scout cookies are my comfort followed by random pieces of candy... Do I feel better afterwards? Yes but only for a few minutes then the guilt sets in. Of course this choice leads to sleeping poorly and being extremely irritable in the morning...are those good results? NOPE. 

Here's to a new day, a day to take deep breathes and focus (really focus) on pausing and writing out my emotions instead of stuffing my face. 

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JYD Wow's said...

You are a beautiful strong woman, that may occasionally need a little something to lift your spirits. Cut yourself some slack. Have a cookie, and Pat yourself on the back that you didn't eat the whole box. Moming is hard and no one is perfect. Say a prayer, breathe 2 in 4 out, sit down and eat the cookie! Have you had Lewis checked for allergies? A little benadryl saved P and I from harvest to planting. Love you!