Sunday, August 21, 2016

Day 1 and 2

Bill left for India yesterday afternoon...thank God he is only away for one week. I greatly admire my friends who have husbands that travel a lot AND have children. I know after this week alone with the boys I will feel more empowered and have a lot more courage. In the past I have had my family come stay with me...I just didn't have the courage yet. Yesterday I was super nervous about having both boys outside in our inflatable pool by myself, but I did it! They had a blast and my heart was happy to see them playing together. Last night Harrison and I made sugar cookies together...he loves to eat the dough and in the past he would escape afterwards and leave me to cutting out the cookies but last night he did 75% of the was adorable.

When I look at Harrison I find myself in awe of how mature and big he is getting. He's six years old and starting 1st grade next week! This amazing imaginative son of mine has had a lot adventures in his six years of life.

Today was another step of bravery as I met my friend at the beach...with both boys...her daughter and son are both a month older then Harrison and Lewis (what a Blessing to have a dear friend with a son one month older the Lewis). Many times this past year I have lifted my head up in thanks to God for a dear friend whom is going through the baby stages right along with me.

No Lewis was not as close to the water as you think...

This was Harrison's proud castle!

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