Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Great is Thy Faithfulness

Culture shock is a real thing for me, something I was not expecting since I was coming back to Seattle, where we call home and the city I love. 

The first shock was walking in Whole Foods...tears formed in my eyes as I looked around at this HUGE grocery store that was filled with so many choices.

I LOVED the idea of living downtown until our sea shipment arrives...but wow is this apartment small. I knew it would be a two bedroom, almost 1,000 square feet...it feels so much smaller 

Our two cats are 15 years old and they were not happy with us moving them into the apartment...one of them let us know by peeing on our bed.

This simply feels too overwhelming and I am trying to take deep breathes but it is so much HARDER then I anticipated. 

One the flip side it has been amazing to see my mom and friends. At church yesterday we were greeted with so many warm smiles and hugs. Downtown is so quiet- no horns and people actually follow the walking signals. 

Harrison is trilled to be back in Seattle. Each day he gets more courageous to pet the cats, he had a blast playing with Nana over the past two weeks, being reunited with his friends, loves having a "van/car" as he calls our Acura MDX, and no cheek pinching!!!   

Lewis is thriving in his weight gain now that we have been supplementing, he gained 11.5oz last week. 

Great is Thy Faithfulness....with Gods help, time, grace, patience and a lot of deep breathes I can do this!

Lastly, Harrison and I are loving the Christian radio station in the car. I have been playing Great is Thy Faithfulness on repeat. 

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