Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Baby Bagel #2 coming soon...

We will be moving back to Seattle in July with a bundle of joy! Baby Bagel #2 is due April 18th! The doctor saw me at 5.5 weeks and found a hemorrhage so I began taking progesterone three times a day. I feel very Blessed that the doctors here in Hyderabad give ultrasounds so early and the hemorrhage was detected. At 10 weeks the hemorrhage had been absorbed, a huge Blessing! I continued to feel really nausea, tired and VERY emotional until my 12 week appointment and I am officially off progesterone! I am feeling a lot less nausea, tired and emotional!

It is illegal to find out the sex of our baby in India - though I have always liked the idea of not knowing until he/she is born. As we get older, there are less surprises in life so I am excited not to know. I have been going to The Birthplace, http://www.thebirthplace.com

I won't lie, not giving birth nor seeing my most loved Dr. Johannsen at Northwest Women's Healthcare in Seattle was/is a bit of a bummer.

I continue to pray everyday, throughout the day for a healthy, strong and happy Bagel. God is so good!

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