Saturday, February 28, 2009

Now I can relate

So my great friend from Seattle has moved to LA today. I was trying hard not to cry as we hugged goodbye, but I could not hold back. Even though Ilbret and I have only known each other for a little over 1 year, we became instant friends and grew close fast. I now understand how hard it is to let someone you love move away. This has really opened my eyes to how my family and friends must have felt when Bill and I moved to Seattle. However, I know Ilbret will be so much happier in LA and what a great opportunity within her company. I think one of the hardest things will be not having her in the same building and just being able to hang out at the last minute. I hope to fly to LA in the next 3 months or so for a long weekend (easier said then done but we will see). 

Love you guys and miss you lots! Now come visit:)

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Amanda said...

I wish I could come visit soon.....lots to talk about next time on the phone.

Miss you!