Thursday, September 15, 2022

Change is HARD for me

Today Lewis started 2nd grade at Matheia School. Those who have been following our school journey may remember the schools we applied for, never leaving the waiting pool. Matheia was not one of them. 

Here is the story:

Last Thursday while I was waiting on Harrison at pick up I started talking to another Billings mom. I mentioned Lewis attending Whittier and being on strike as well as applying to three private elementary schools for Lewis to attend this fall, never leaving the wait pool. She asked if we looked into Matheia School in Ballard. Nope, never ever heard of it. I immediately pulled up their website and read about small class sizes, hands on learning, and social/emotional growth. 

As soon as I got home I inquired about touring the school. Bill, Lewis and I toured the school on Friday afternoon followed by Lewis spending a day there on Monday. 

Lewis enjoyed moving to different classrooms (each teacher specializes in a subject). His favorite was science and that his social studies teacher has a Spock mug as his pencil holder.   

I waited to see if Lewis was accepted and secretly hoped SPS would not start school until after hearing yay or nay. 

SPS started yesterday. With no word from Matheia we had Lewis go to Whittier. After noon we received the acceptance email for Matheia. My heart fell…

Is this really what we want to do? Staying at Whittier would be the easiest choice (no change). I have only known Whittier in the elementary years, what if it doesn’t work out? I want to still volunteer at the library, will that be allowed? Will that be really weird and staff look at me like I am crazy?! Oh the many thoughts and tears. We are never stuck…if Matheia isn’t a good fit for our family we can re-enroll Lewis into public school. God has got this. We have got this. 

Bill and I talked to Lewis and he was ready to make the change to Matheia, enjoying the hands on activities and being part of a small class. 

*I kept this journey pretty quiet as I was scared of disappointment. Scared to have many praying for us and be led to disappointment. God’s plan is ALWAYS bigger then ours! 

Check it out: 

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