Thursday, July 21, 2022

Wabash, IN adventures


Mini golf (in Marion) fun, boys were done taking pictures but they did join us in the fun!

Elizabeth and Caroline on Modoc (I loved going to Modoc’s for coffee at least once a day!)

Margaret sweetness 

Harrison patiently talked to Elizabeth and Caroline about a game he’s playing 

Lewis riding Daddy’s bike

Bowling was a lot of fun, some with bumpers and others the regular way

OMG candy galore! .25 for a turn and lots of DumDums given 

Last night in Wabash was a lot of fun at the 4-H Fair…it was a hot sticky fun night together. Fun to see Elizabeth’s junior projects and eat an amazing Elephant Ear…ahh childhood fair memories.

We are at the airport ready to sleep in our beds tonight!

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