Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Schools out! Next step- RV trip

Thanks be God school is out for the summer, fourth grade has come to an end. This hadn’t been the most confident building year for Harrison. Bill and I had monthly meetings with his teachers to check in and see how we could all support him. After Christmas break he would walk up the stairs to class with his head down..this pulled on my mommy heartstrings. Was it personality clashing and having a teacher whom just didn’t understand him? We believe she wanted the best for Harrison and continue to feel supported by his school. She simply wasn’t the right fit. I pray his experiences this year will carry with him throughout his life. Knowing he will encounter so many difference personalities during his walk of life. What he has experienced will help to shape him into the God loving man he will be.  

We are renting a RV July 1-17th to drive from Seattle to Indiana and back. We have no idea how long it will take us to get to Indiana and where we will stop along the way. Full trust in God and control out of my hands. This is going to be an amazing adventure, potholes and all. Even though we have been under the same roof since March 12th. We will be in a smaller living area, 29ft. https://www.outdoorsy.com/rv-rental/mukilteo_wa/2015_thor-motor-coach_four-winds_8624-listing

The road (smooth, bumps, and potholes) ahead is all an adventure!

I plan to at least Instagram a photo each day while we are away..stay tuned.  

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