Monday, April 27, 2020

Tiny, tiny, tiny steps... This has become my mantra since March 12th. The week before school was closed was an incredibly difficult week for Harrison at school. His anxiety was extremely high. I viewed the time home to work on his social/emotional skills. To build Harrison up and stop the tearing down. Focus on how he can rephrase what and how he says things. Harrison immediately started a to do list. NOT a schedule, a to do list. At our home we have had many tears and loads of frustration. How to handle the mounds of emails from many different sources...first what are Harrison’s teachers wanting. Second, reading the SPS emails and soaking in the timeline guidelines. Third, DO NOT follow social media recommendations (this causes my anxiety to rise sky high, not helpful). I believer we have created a good system... Harrison: Attend class meeting everyday, 10-11am Attend social group once a week Attend writing group once a week Complete an assignment then 30 minutes of playing One hour lunch break Lewis: Attend class meeting everyday, 9:30-10am Thanks be to God his pre-K teacher, very Blessed to have connection with his teacher and friends.

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