Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Finally the London/Barcelona adventure

Well all survived the 9 hour flight from Seattle to Heathrow...Lewis is recharging himself with a sip (or three) of a latte 
Those who know me best, know that I know where to find the nearest toilet, ha!

What big brother does, little brother does

We stubbled on this park and the boys had a blast! A great way to finish our first day in London. Harrison was off walking the rope bridges
The London Eye...pretty amazing to be so high over the city while inside a small dome


Big Ben was by far Harrison's FAVORITE part of our trip to London

Fascinated with the water below 

Tower of London was my favorite spot when Bill and I came here 12 years ago for our honeymoon...still a favorite though a lot more crowded but neat to show Harrison and Lewis
Tower bridge

First morning in Barcelona and our little artist made a Big Ben picture...
and a London bus picture.
Meet our Dawkins boys....Jude, Asher and Silas
Jude came along with us for a city tour on a double decker bus!
View from above of Barcelona

Boys and a castle adventures...

Amazing architecture by Gaudi, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antoni_Gaud%C3%AD

Monestir de Pedralbes

Back to London and Harrison's request to walk around to explore more of the city!

Westminister Abbey...maybe not Harrison's favorite...

Sherlock homes museum...huge hit! 

A trip with kids involves a trip to the zoo...it was so fun!

A day trip to Bath, a must! This was another one of my favorite places to visit while Bill and I were on our honeymoon. 

When in Bath, visit the Royal Crescent

Local newspaper turned into light sabers!

What a wonderful trip to London and Barcelona. Lots of memories were created and I think 85% awesome vacation with two boys and 15% wow what were we thinking! Not to bad if I say so myself! Next adventure is to Hyderabad and Kochi (August 19-September 1st)...this will be a 9 hour flight to London, short layover then 9 hours to Hyderabad. Bill will be working the first week while Harrison, Lewis and I visit dear friends. Anxiety is high as I prepare for this trip but I know with deep breathes and prayers it will be smooth...and if not it will be an adventure no matter what!  


In Definition said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Great pics!!!

Emperorp said...

So great to see the photos! What a wonderful trip (85% of the time). The other 15% is what bonds families once you get through it. Wishing you a 85+% amazing upcoming adventure in India...love the attitude about that, btw.