Friday, May 26, 2017

Gloom happens

I am having a rough week...super tired and easily irritable A LOT. It comes and goes throughout the day...never sure when the rush of gloom will take over. Anxiety of the to do's and my need to have all errands and to do's completed as though that would be the end of them. My wise and loving husband gently told me last night that I need to tell myself "no" more. No I will not clean up the toys again right now, no I do not have to unload the dishwasher right at this moment, no I do not have to squeeze making returns today as they can wait, no.... Yes to Sara more for time of rest, reading, being present. So today I am choosing to say yes to a much needed pedicure (its going to be in the 80's this weekend!) while Lewis naps and Bill works from home. Yes to Sara! 

Sweet momma moments...after Harrison came home from school yesterday I embraced being outside while he ran around in the front yard playing. His imagination is amazing as he acted out a story by running around and making explosive noises. He didn't need fancy props or toys brought outside, he did this solo. I love this child of mine. I cherish the time we have together one on one while Lewis still naps. I lift my head up to God in thankfulness for how much love Harrison and Lewis have for each other. They play, wrestle, tackle and laugh together. Yesterday Harrison tried to teach Lewis how to play tag and later Lewis sat next to Harrison in the chair as Harrison read silently. These moments melt my heart and fill my day with light. God you are SO good! 

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Anonymous said...

love you, girl! keep fighting for JOY! and I can't wait to give you some Sara time on this side:) Laura